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Frequently asked questions about staying at Mill Lake Lodge

Mill Lake Lodge is located in FISHING ZONE 14.

We have Musky, Northern Pike, Small & Large Mouth Bass, and Walleye.

Fishing Licenses / Outdoors Cards are required through the Ministry of Natural Resources.

You can get your licenses before you come to the lodge – they can be purchased online or in person through Service Ontario or at Cabela’s or Canadian Tire Stores. 

Two types of fishing licences are available:

  1. Sport fishing licence, which includes full catch-and-possession fishing privileges
  2. Conservation fishing licence, which includes reduced catch-and-possession limits. This is ideal for anglers who want to release most fish they catch.
    Fishing licences are available for different durations, including:
    – One day
    – Eight days
    – One year
    – Three years


​Those under 18 years old do not need an Outdoors Card or license; however, you must always carry a government-issued ID while fishing. Any fish you keep is part of the catch and possession limit of the licence holder. To keep your limits, you will need your own Outdoors Card and licence.,

Yes, shore lunches can be provided by request.  Please let us know upon booking.

Absolutely! Check out our boat rental prices listed under “Rates”. 
We offer lures, and line for sale up at our Main Lodge, but we currently do not offer fishing rod rentals.

To rent a boat, you must possess a Pleasure Craft License
If you have a license from elsewhere, please check with the Ontario Ministry of Transportation to see if your license applies.

We have plenty of secret spots we can point you in the direction of – You’ll have to fish here to believe it. We’ve had 50″ fish caught right off the edge of our dock! 

We have access to very seasoned experts that can offer their services.  If you are looking to book either half or full days please contact Jamie – Killarney On The Water.

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Conservation of this great fishery​

Mill Lake is an important fishing destination and is home to a diverse range of fish species. However, over-fishing, habitat degradation, and the introduction of invasive species have threatened the health of the lake’s fish populations. As a result, conservation efforts have been implemented to restore and protect the lake’s ecosystem, including the implementation of fishing regulations, habitat restoration projects, and the removal of invasive species. These conservation efforts are crucial for maintaining the health and sustainability of Mill Lake’s fish populations, which not only support recreational fishing but also contribute to the ecological balance of the lake and the surrounding ecosystem.

It takes all of us...​


Practice catch-and-release fishing using barbless hooks and releasing the fish back into the water as quickly as possible. This allows the fish to continue to grow and reproduce, ensuring healthy populations for future generations.

Follow fishing regulations

It's essential to follow fishing regulations set by local authorities to prevent over-fishing and protect vulnerable species. Regulations may include catch limits, size restrictions, and seasonal closures.

Dispose of fishing gear properly​

Fishing gear, such as hooks, lines, and sinkers, can cause harm to fish and other wildlife if left in the water. Be sure to dispose of your gear correctly by taking it with you or using designated disposal areas.​

Support conservation efforts

Support conservation efforts by joining or donating to organizations that protect and restore fish populations and their habitats. This can help fund research, education, and advocacy initiatives for maintaining healthy fish populations.

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